MMBIA 2009: IEEE Computer Society Workshop on Mathematical Methods in Biomedical Image Analysis
Mathematical Methods in Biomedical Image Analysis (MMBIA) 2009 is the tenth in a series of workshops on biomedical image analysis, being held in conjunction with CVPR 2009. This workshop is devoted to the presentation and discussion of new developments in computational techniques for the analysis of biomedical images. Our goal is to foster discussion of mathematical approaches to biomedical image analysis and modeling. The program will consist of previously unpublished, contributed, and invited papers, with a substantial time allocated to discussion. In addition, we encourage submissions that address novel problems in bio/medical imaging that call for mathematical modeling or analysis.
Call for papers
Biomedical image analysis has attracted considerable amount of interest in the computer vision and medical communities. The proposed workshop is a follow-up to the MMBIA workshop series that started in 1994 and continues to attract tremendous interest. Due to the advancement in biomedical imaging modalities, new computational algorithms continue to emerge. This workshop is a venue for such papers which potentially involve interdisciplinary researchers from all the fields connected to biomedical image analysis. Our goal is to foster in-depth discussions via oral and poster paper tracks supported by sessions on selected topics.

The workshop will bring together researchers in computer vision, graphics, computational geometry and robotics communities involved in biomedical image analysis. Our scope not only includes biomedical image analysis but also other problem domains connected to medicine in the area of biological image analysis.

This workshop calls for original, high-quality paper submissions that address innovative research and development in the area of mathematical methods for biomedical image analysis. The final program includes previously unpublished paper contributions with substantial amount of time for research discussions.

Topics of interests include but are not limited to:

Paper Formatting: Papers are limited to eight pages. Please use the CVPR author kit to format the papers. The workshop chairs reserve the right to reject papers violating the paper length and the formatting instructions outright, without review.

Blind review: MMBIA reviewing is double blind: authors do not know the names of the reviewers of their papers, and reviewers do not know the names of the authors. Please see the author kit for detailed explanations of how to ensure this.

Submission: MMBIA is using an online submission system.

Supplemental Material: Supplemental material submission is optional. This material may include: videos of results that cannot be included in the main paper, anonymized related submissions to other conferences and journals, and appendices or technical reports containing extended proofs and mathematical derivations that are not essential for understanding of the paper. Contents of the supplemental material should be referred to appropriately in the paper and that reviewers are not obliged to look at it. For further details refer to CVPR author guidelines.

Simultaneous submissions:  Our policy is that in submitting a paper, authors implicitly acknowledge that no paper of substantially similar  content has been or will be submitted to another conference or workshop until MMBIA decisions  are made.
Previous Meetings
  2008 Anchorage, Alaska (in conjunction with CVPR)
  2007 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (in conjunction with ICCV)
  2006 New York City, New York
  2004 Prague, Czech Republic (in conjunction with ECCV)
  2001 Kauai, Hawaii
  2000 South Carolina, USA
  1998 Santa Barbara, California
  1996 San Francisco, California
  1994 Seattle, Washington

General chair
Dimitris N. Metaxas, Rutgers University, USA. (dnm at cs dot rutgers dot edu)

Program chair
Chandra Kambhamettu, University of Delaware, USA.  (chandra at cis dot udel dot edu)

Program Committee
Gary Christensen,  U. of Iowa,  USA
Dorin Comaniciu,  Siemens,  USA
Zohara Cohen, NIH, USA
Christos  Davatzikos,  UPENN,  USA
James S.  Duncan,  Yale,  USA
Nikos Paragios  Ecole,  Centrale de Paris,  France
Alejandro F.  Frangi,  Universitat  Pompeu, Fabra, Spain
Dmitry  Goldgof ,  USF ,  USA
Polina  Golland ,  MIT,  USA
Ghassan  Hamarneh ,  Simon Fraser University,  Canada
Xiaolei (Sharon)  Huang,  Lehigh ,  USA
Ioannis  Kakadiaris ,  U. of Houston,  USA
Ron  Kikinis ,  Harvard ,  USA
Andrew  Laine,  Columbia,  USA
Fengshan  Liu ,  Delaware State, USA
Nassir  Navab ,  Technical University of Munich,  Germany
Alison  Noble ,  Oxford ,  UK
Jens  Rittscher ,  Oxford ,  UK
Dinggang  Shen,  UNC , USA
Kaleem  Siddiqi,  McGill ,  Canada
Lawrence H.  Staib,  Yale,  USA
Karl  Steiner ,  U. of Delaware,  USA
Gabor  Szekely,  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,  Switzerland
Gavriil  Tsechpenakis,  U. of Miami ,  USA
Ragini  Verma,  UPENN ,  USA
Pingkun  Yan , Philips  Research, USA
Terry S.  Yoo ,  NIH ,  USA
Yantian  Zhang,  NIH ,  USA
Kevin  Zhou ,  Siemens, USA 

Yusuf Sinan Akgul (GIT  Turkey),
Kayhan Batmanghelich (UPENN),
Ali Gooya (UPENN),
Martin Groher (TU Munich),
Hauke Heibel (TU Munich),
Edward Kim (Lehigh),
Valentina Korzhova (USF),
Hongsheng Li (Lehigh),
Xin "Rick" Li (Princeton),
Parya Mommayez (McGill),
Bernard Ng (UNC),
Ayse Betul Oktay (GIT  Turkey),
Youssef Rouchdy (UPENN),
Tian Shen (Lehigh),
Min C. Shin (UNCC),
Matthew Shreve (USF),
Wei Wang (Lehigh),
Guorong Wu (UNC),
Pew-Thian YAP (UNC),
Yaoyao Zhu (Lehigh),
Yuanjie Zheng (UPENN),
Darko Zikic (TU Munich)

Publicity chair
Yuanjie Zheng ,  UPENN, USA  (zheng dot vision at gmail dot com)

Media chairs
Gowri Somanath , U. of Delaware, USA 
Rohith MV , U. of Delaware, USA 

June 20, 2009 
Final program available
04/11: Camera ready copy deadline announced
04/11: Acceptance decision announced
03/18: Final deadline extension
03/11: Deadlines extended
02/19: Submission open
02/19: Program committee announced
02/11: Deadlines extended
02/05: Call for papers announced

Important Dates
Workshop date: June 20th 2009
Final program available here

Registration for the Workshop, or CVPR (which includes workshops and tutorials), can be processed here.

Presentation details
Each oral presentation will be for 25 min + 5 mins (Q&A).
Poster presentation: The usable space on poster boards is approximately 43.5 inches high x 91.25 inches wide. A FedEx printing center in the hotel lobby can print posters in one day.

Total number of papers submitted : 44
Total number of papers accepted : 27 (Oral:9  Poster:18)

In conjunction with CVPR 2009, Miami, Florida.